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Hello and welcome!  

My name is Tom Wilburn and I have been providing paintless dent repair,  PDR, for over 18 years.  I service area dealers, rental car companies, body shops, service departments, detail shops, insurance claims and the private car owner.  

My services include:

Dent Repair, Door Ding Repair, Dent Removal, Door Ding Removal, Hail Repair and Plastic Bumper Repair.

My area of service includes: 

Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Gloucester.


Smithfield, Suffolk.

Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth.

I believe in providing the highest level of customer service with the highest quality repair.  I go over the repair process with each customer so they completely understand how the repair is achieved.

It is imperative that my customers are completely satisfied.

I am a member of NAPDRT, National Alliance of Paintless Dent Repair Technicians. I have been accepted by the Better Business Bureau as one of the top companies in Hampton Roads that provides paintless dent repair.  I am a member of the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce.  I have also been awarded the Best of Yorktown Business Award in 2013 and 2014.             

To be a member of the Better Business Bureau, you have to be invited to join by the Bureau.  The essence of being invited to join the Better Business Bureau is that the business has demonstrated, in a nutshell:   Integrity, Trust, Clear Communication and a commitment to Customer Service and Satisfaction.

I am also the company of choice in my area for the following national warranty dent companies:   Safe Ride, DingMonkey, 1800DentDoc.  

Below you will find some information on paintless dent repair and customer testimonials. Feel free to click on the Paintless Dent Repair link above the reviews, it will take you to my business listing and you can view all of my reviews.

Please check out my Google Business Page for the most current before and after pictures.

I appreciate your visit and look forward to earning your business.



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Featured Repairs

This repair was a moderate repair.  The damage was on the driver side fender of a 2012 Ford Fusion.  I was able to repair the damage for significantly less than the cost of a body shop visit. The factory paint is intact.  I came to the customers home and did the repair.   



This bumper repair was on a 2012 Honda Odyssey.  As you can see, the damage was quite significant.  I was able to repair the bumper saving the customer the extensive cost of replacing it and having it painted.

Both customers were very pleased with the repairs.  They saved money, time and the factory paint remained intact.  

Featured Video Repair

Don't let this happen to YOU!!!

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is not a hobby or a part time job.  It's a career that requires constant training in new repair techniques and updates on new car designs.  

I realize that we are conditioned to price shop, but this is not a repair that you should farm out to the cheapest company.  

Skill, customer service, the ability to communicate the repair process and what the end result will be, are not a given.   The company should have a business license and liability insurance - at a minimum.  

Once a repair attempt has been made, there is no going back and 'doing it over'. When a dent happens the metal is stretched.  In other words, if the panel is 100%, the dent makes it 105%. You have 5% extra metal.  

The repair process 'blends'/ 'shrinks' the excess metal as close to the original panel as possible.  The dent doesn't 'pop' back out.  

An improper repair can resemble the disasters pictured below.

A proper repair is 95% or better.  There may be a slight wave or squiggle depending on the location and size of the dent.  Anything that looks like the pictures below is not a repair.

Once an attempt has been made, the metal's integrity (strength) has been weakened.  Any attempt to correct the improper repair would only make the area worse and the 105% becomes 110%.  

The only way to repair the disasters pictured below is to body shop the vehicles.

I cringe every time I view these pictures because the sad fact is, the dents were probably repairable by a qualified company.


What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

PDR is a specialized technique of repairing non-collision damage, while maintaining the factory paint warranty.  The types of damages that are removed by PDR are door dings. small dents, creases, and hail damage.

What causes the damage?

The majority of repair calls are from door dings, meaning someone else's car door caused the damage.

However, other causes for dent damage to a vehicle include, but are not limited to:

-  Hail
-  Acorns
-  Golf balls, baseballs and softballs
-  Shopping carts
-  Other non-collision damage that has not cracked the paint

PDR is successfully used all around the world to repair damage on all types of vehicles.

The PDR process takes time to master and is not achieved easily.  There are no shortcuts to acquiring this skill.  In order to master the skill, at least ten years of experience is recommended.  

Advantages of using Paintless Dent Repair for cosmetic damage:

-  PDR saves time and money. 

-  PDR helps your vehicle maintain its value.

-  PDR is green technology, no chemicals are used in repair the process.

-  PDR repairs are less than the traditional body shop process.

-  PDR is accomplished through great skill, not replacing and repainting panels. 

-  PDR maintains the original factory paint warranty. 

Why should I choose Tom Wilburn?

My commitment is your complete satisfaction. 

When choosing a provider for your vehicle, keep in mind that I am not replacing parts.  Once a repair has been attempted, there is no going back to try again. This is why e
xpertise and knowledge of PDR is critical.

Just ask yourself this question:  If you were looking for a heart surgeon, would you choose the one you considered more economical or the one who will get it right the first time?

Remember, I explain the process and inform you what the end result will be BEFORE I touch your vehicle.  I don't do anything till you are fully informed and give me the go ahead.   If you aren't completely satisfied, there is no charge. 

Please feel free to review my customer comments below.

I look forward to earning your business.


The Dent Pro